Friday, October 7, 2016

Castle To Meadow

Castle to Meadow

There was a poor girl who worked very hard in a castle on the hill . Her name is Repeare
She did everything she was asked to do . She even did her own laundry
Her mother was very mean to her and she was treated very badly
One day she was hanging out clothes on the clothes line. All of a sudden she heard someone singing in the distance to his violin he was playing. It was a voice most melodic and the music heavenly
For several weeks she kept hearing this lovely piece
She was in the garden , when all of a sudden she heard the singing again. This time it was very close to her.
On the opposite side of the garden stood a young man . He had a violin and was singing a familiar song ," Ah Robin "
As he sang he began to walk toward her
She stopped her work and just listened
Then he stopped and introduced himself
I am Edward and live in the meadow and Repeare shyly said " hello , I'm Repeare "
Now Repeare was happy she finally knew who the beautiful voice belonged to
He sang several songs
Then they decided to take a walk
They talked about their dreams
They both wanted to travel the world
After several weeks of getting to know one another Edward told Repeare he loves her
She was not really surprised because she said she loves him too
He played the violin and then he put it gently on the ground
He took her hand and on one knee he gazed up into her eyes and said " will you do me the honour of being my wife " ?
She looked at him with loving eyes and said " I am honored and I accept "
They embraced and continued to talk about their future
A few weeks later they married in the church in the meadow
Repeare no longer had to work in the Castle
They live in a cottage with flowering window boxes
Edward continued to play his violin and sing
One day he took his violin to get the strings replaced
He was asked by the owner of the shop to play for him
When he did the owner   Pedro , was astounded
He said Edward should audition for the Rose Theatre
After replacing the strings on his violin Edward walked to the theater
He said he would like to audition for them
So they said they wanted a sample of his music
He sang and played a tune
They owner was mesmerized
He said " please come tomorrow morning 10 sharp " and he said " I will be here "
He went home and practiced throughout the evening
Repeare was excited and proud of her husband
The next morning Edward woke and went about his chores
When nine thirty came Repeare and Edward walked to the theater
The owner was there waiting
He said " you may go on stage when you are ready
Edward walked up the stairs to the stage and began to tune his violin
He then played the introduction to his piece
He proceeded to sing as he played
After he had finished Repeare and the owner applauded and the owner said " I would like to add you to our orchestra and playbill as lead singer
Edward excitedly said he would be honored to
Repeare had a surprise planned as well
She told him that very night that they were expecting their first child
Edward was elated
He and Repeare were very happy
The baby was born and they always made sure the child heard music from their soul's
For many years he and Repeare enjoyed the many advantages which came from Edwards employment and they lived Happily Ever After

For Nathalie Rebecca

~ Becky Lee ~
Aka : Grandma Becky